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One + One an exhibition of new work from Daniel Eatock

Developed over the course of his Stanley Picker Fellowship, Eatock has been preparing an extensive series of proposals for new object-based works that each establishes a range of formal, practical or conceptual conceits connecting two otherwise independently existing objects. Whilst remaining firmly embedded in his wider hybrid practice, these sculptural object-scenarios have also been originated as part of initial developmental research for the re-branding of the national television network BBC2.”

I like these as pieces of art, the mention of him rebranding bbc2 is definitely intriguing! If you’ve never had a look before then check out everything on his website he’s a very interesting guy with a jam-packed site! 

Marcus Coates new show "Proxy"

Here is the press release for Marcus Coates’ latest body of work. It’s entitled ‘Proxy’ and is on at the Kate McGarry gallery from 2nd March to 14th April. Love it

Melancholy Objects by Tim Morton (@the_eco_thought) Jan 2012 “…In reading a poem you are being an archeologist…” Tim’s comments on Melancholia (a fantastic film) are brilliant. I could listen to his talks all day; transformative!